Sports Massage Physiotherapy
in Ashby de la Zouch

By Marie Kelleher

Sports Massage

Involves a combination of different massage techniques used to manipulate soft tissue to help benefit a person whether before or after exercise, to prevent injury, rehabilitate, increase flexibility, reduce stress and many more benefits.

Sports massage will make you feel great physically and is an excellent way for athletes and non-athletes to improve physical performance
Improved relaxation and recovery time is another great benefit of sports massage. increased blood flow and breakdown of scar tissue can aid in recovery and get you back to peak performance faster.
Sports Massage can target painful areas by helping to remove waste products and release endorphins, giving you pain relief from your injuries whether sport related or not.

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Taping for sports injuries using zinc oxide tape to rigidly strap a joint area to give it stability during everyday activity or sports.


Kinesiology taping- using K tape to aid in recovery, reduce oedema(swelling), off load muscles and support and alignment of joints.

Spinal mobilisation

Spinal mobilisation and manipulation- gentle mobilisation and manipulation techniques used to realign vertebrae.


The use of stretching and strengthening techniques to treat muscle imbalances, aches and pains and rehabilitate injuries.

Marie Kelleher – Sports Massage Therapist Ashby de la Zouch

I have been a sports massage therapist for 3 years and am based in Ashby de la Zouch. I have experience working with sports teams, at MMA European championships, at events, pitchside settings, in clinic and also in corporate workplace settings. I work using different techniques and I am constantly learning either from the clients I treat, the books I read or the courses I take. I love what I do and my aim is to have you doing what you do as quickly and effectively as possible. That could be anything from doing the housework to running a marathon. You play a vital part in your treatment and recovery too.

Areas I cover

  • Relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Injury prevention
  • Rehabilitation
  • Headaches
  • Flexibility
  • Range of movement
  • Posture realignment
  • Pre and post event massage
  • Onsite workplace massage for happy healthy employees.
After seeing my doctor a number of times re continuing neck/shoulder pain (I could hardly turn my head to the right) and getting nowhere, I approached local Sports Massage Therapist, Marie Kelleher. After carefully listening to what my issues were,  Marie was able to quickly pin point the problem and align her treatment to my specific weekly requirements. After only one therapy session I was able to feel a remarkable improvement in my head movement and a reduction in pain. Over 6 further visits the pain had virtually vanished. Marie provided a professional and friendly service, (there was always a smile when she knew she had hit the spot!),  with excellent follow up advice. I’m now pain free and there has been no reoccurrence of the problems, thank you. I would highly recommend Marie to anyone suffering from muscular tension and pain. Nick
So after falling over and damaging my lower back I booked in with Marie., I was experiencing daily spasms and could not straighten. Walking was painful. On my first session Marie examined me and could see straight away where the issue was. In total I had 3 sessions and after each session I could see a difference. After my 3rd session my back felt pretty much back to normal again, I was so relieved. I cannot recommend Marie highly enough, very experienced, helpful and knows exactly what she is doing. If you have any sort of pain don’t put it off get yourself booked in with Marie J Krystine
As someone active in various sports for many years I’ve benefitted greatly from the support of many sports therapists and Marie is among the best. Her manner puts clients at ease, she takes time and care to diagnose causes and possible related issues that might not be immediately apparent to the client. Her treatment and advice on recovery, adaptation and prevention is excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending her services Graeme Hornsby

Contact Details

Marie Kelleher Sports Massage Therapy
81 Market Street
Ashby de la Zouch
LE65 1AH

Telephone: 07792 146762